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Jeff Oravits,

Operations Manager

    Jeff Oravits is a longtime resident of Flagstaff, Arizona.  He and his wife, Angela Oravits have two daughters, Isabel and Olivia.

    At 19 years old, Jeff Oravits started the Arizona Concrete and Masonry Co. which focused on concrete work and other construction projects.  This company was in business until 1998 when he decided to start Lonely Records, LLC, wanting to focus on the emerging high tech field.

    Lonely Records is a cd and dvd manufacturing company based in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Over the last ten years, Lonely Records has manufactured millions of cds and dvds for clients around the world.    As President, Jeff has managed and grown the company ,which now has a national and international presence with clients on every continent (except Antarctica).  Lonely Records has employed people in Flagstaff in fields such as graphic design, printing and assembly work.

   Jeff Oravits is also currently the co-managing member and founder of the Oravits Family of Companies which operates, a local property management company.

    An active member of the Flagstaff community, Jeff is also a member of the Water Commission with the City of Flagstaff and he pays close attention to local politics in an effort to make his community a better place to live.  He is also a member of the Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce and sits on the Community and Economic Development Committee.  In 2007 Jeff and Councilman Joe Haughey founded, a local anti graffiti effort.  Currently Jeff is an advisor to the Haughey4Mayor campaign and Councilman Scott Overtons re-election campaign.

    Jeff and his family enjoy traveling the world.  Recent trips include Egypt, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Morocco, Central America and many places in Europe.  Jeff has been married to Angela for over ten years.

    Jeff can be contacted at 928-526-7909 or by Email.

Angela Oravits,

Financial Manager

    After graduating from NAU in 1998 with a Bachelors Degree in  Biology, Angela Oravits helped found Lonely Records, LLC.  Over the past ten years she has managed the books and accounting for the company in her role as Financial Manager.

    She also serves as Financial Manager of Oravits Commercial Properties, LLC, Oravits Residential Property Holdings, LLC, Oravits Investment Group, LLC, The Agassiz Building, LLC and Oravits Enterprises, LLC.   For all six companies she manages everything from accounts payable and receivable to accounting and tax matters.

    When Angela is not managing the finances of these companies she is busy raising her four year old daughter Isabel.

    Angela, her husband Jeff and Isabel all travel extensively around the world, finding new diverse cultures and sharing that

with friends and family back home.

   For more info on Angela and her family please visit the following websites...

    Angela can be contacted at 928-526-7909 or by email at

Mike Oravits,

Operations Manager

   Mike Oravits has been in the construction industry for over thirty years.  Starting in New York, he ran and operated Mike Oravits Masonry.  He was in charge of construction projects as well as many employees. 

    He has taken this knowledge to the companies he has helped co-found including Oravits Commercial Properties, LLC, Oravits Residential Property Holdings, LLC, Oravits Investment Group, LLC, and The Agassiz Building, LLC.

    Currently Mike is in charge of the day to day remodels and maintenance of all the properties owned by these companies.  He is also co-manager of operations.

    Like the rest of his family, Mike has traveled around the world including China, Egypt, Thailand, Europe and his most recent trip, a trek on the Inca Trail in Peru.

   Mike can be contacted at 928-526-7909.


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